Building a website? First things first… you’re going to need a domain name, site hosting and a platform.

A domain is simply the Domains can also end in .co, .me, .org, .school, .gov, etc. The most common and search friendly is .com with .co falling shortly behind on the current interwebs. You can have a domain without having a website. It is very common for business owners to come up with company names or find their own personal name available and snag it up. You never know!

A hosting plan is where your website “data” is going to live on the interwebs. Think of this as a “cloud” of storage allowing your site to talk to others across the world. Good hosting plans can increase your loading speeds, have enhanced security, and amazing tech support. Our recommended hosting and domain company is Bluehost.

A platform for your website. If you are new to the game try to find a drag and drop WordPress theme. WordPress is always my preferred way to go for websites.  If you know you want basic with little customization then Squarespace or Wix will be a good way to go.

Let’s get into the detailed steps of setting each of these website needs up:

Securing a domain:

I use search engines like Bluehost to check to make sure the domain is available. If you don’t plan on using the domain you can go ahead and purchase it to hold in your account for a future date. Domains go fast so if you want it and see it is available for purchase, jump on it!

Go to Bluehost: You will see a navigation bar, select Hosting and in the drop down select Domains.



Simply type in the domain you are interested in and click next to see if it is available. If the domain isn’t taken it will take you into a payment page to secure the domain.


Setting up a hosting plan:

Hosting plans come in many different packages and pricing. The important thing to know when you are starting is that you need one for WordPress sites, if you are working with Squarespace or Wix they include hosting. We recommend the hosting plans from Bluehost for a number of reasons.

  1. Bluehost plans are extremely affordable.
  2. Bluehost offers plans that are flexible and easily upgraded, if needed.
  3. Bluehost reimburses you if you cancel or make changes to your plan.
  4. Bluehost support is out of this world!
  5. Bluehost is a strong hosting company that I trust!

Below are the steps to setting up your hosting plan:

Click here ->

Select – Get Started Now:


Choose your plan of choice. When I was a beginner I went with the Plus plan, but the basic will suit your needs just fine while you get your site set up.

Through my link you get special pricing for only $3.95

If you didn’t already purchase your domain you can do it here, for free!
If you did already you can simply insert your purchased domain name into the box on the right.

The next page will take you to fill out your information, create your profile and billing information.

Now let’s cover this package information box, What does all of this mean?

What is Domain Privacy Protection? (Recommended) Domain Privacy acts as a shield. Instead of showing your personal contact information in the public database, the contact information for the Bluehost Domain Privacy service will be displayed. This allows you to keep your information accurate and up-to-date as required by ICANN regulations, while shielding your information from public view. This is recommended!
What is Site Backup Pro: (Optional) Managing Backups with Site Backup Pro. This is not necessary and can be done later with other option.

Search Engine Jumpstart: (Optional) This is a service Bluehost offers to set up your site so it meets the requirements for Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. This is something that is beneficial but there are alternative ways to do this that you will likely do anyway.

Site Lock Security: (Optional) This is an extra layer of security. If your a business that needs extra security dig in to learn more. For beginners this is unlikely.

Enter your billing information and you have your hosting + a domain… look at you go!


Install WordPress:

While logged into your Bluehost account click on CPanel.


Half way down the page you will see an orange box that says “Install WordPress”.

A Bluehost Marketplace screen will come up introducing you to their Mojo partnership. Simply click through this screen to Continue Installation.

From there you will select the Domain that you wish you install WordPress on.  This is where having your domain within the same profile or company as your hosting makes things very easy.

Then, you will input your information and create a log in for your admin portal.

Once you click Next. Wordpess will begin installation.  Wait until this is completed. From there you can go to and log into the back end of your site.