Morning Routine for a Virtual Assistant

Working from home has challenges, the never ending escape from work, the division of work and play, the distractions of those you live with. Over my time working from home I have experienced several of these challenges and one thing has continued to assist me on a daily basis… A Morning Routine. The importance of having a morning routine goes past the productivity that is gained and is more valuable for your mind. Working from home often has individuals on

There are four major things I recommend incorporating in some way to your daily routine as a work from home individual.

  1. Time – Set aside at least 60 minutes in the morning for you. If this means waking up before the kids or stretching your single tushy out of bed a little early do it! Time of day is very important. When you wake up you are the most alert, focused and your mind is not bogged down with the day to day that already is.
  2. Educate- Use this 60 minutes to educate yourself in some way. This can be reading an excerpt of a self study book, listening to an audio book, watching a ted talk, whatever education you currently need in your life your brain will thank you for utilizing the morning time to focus solely on that, even if just for 10 minutes.
  3. Meditate- Meditation is one of the most powerful things for shifting your mindset day to day, which turns into shifting your week, your month and your year. Whether you are comfortable doing this for 60 seconds or 60 minutes, do it! Don’t think about it, just find your quiet peaceful place, close your eyes, open your mind and breath. I bet you experience some significant shifts. If you need a place to start check out Lori Harder, Cassandra Bodzak or Gabrielle Bernstein on Youtube.
  4. Fuel- What you put into your body in the morning is significant to your day to day output. Pay attention to what you eat in the morning, plan it and be excited for it. Green Tea, Black Coffee, Bulletproof Coffee, Fruit, you decide what is best for you. The important thing is to be intentional about it.

So what does my personal daily routine look like? Here is a snap shot.

  • Wake up at 7 am.
  • Make a Nespresso or iced almond milk latte
  • Make a piece of Avocado Toast on sprouted grain bread
  • Go directly outside on the patio or a place where I can be alone
  • Meditate for a quick 11 minutes with the gratitude of having another day or a message that I chose to focus on for the day
  • Read my daily excerpt of a mind/spirit book. I am currently studying A Course In Miracles and The Infinite Self
  • Open my computer by 7:30 and begin writing – Write a blog, write copy, write ideas or journal
  • 8:00 Begin on my one hour of personal business work. This is work for my individual business before I start on any client work for the day

Whatever your routine might be, have one! If you cannot commit 60 minutes, commit 20, just start somewhere and do it for you. I promise your day and your productivity will thank you!